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 Hoofbeats at Waterstone llc,  Horse Boarding, Training, Lessons, and Horses for Sale in McKinney, Texas

Welcome to Hoofbeats!  I am Cheryl Joseph, and horses have always been a passion in my life. I live, work and play on the beautiful acres of Hoofbeats. I have 2 grown children in college (Ariel and Chris) and my horses and dogs. I wake up and see horses from every window of my house, walk thru pastures getting greeted by friendly nuzzles, and do night time barn checks on horses peacefully munching on hay. My father, John Crombie, worked 3 jobs from when I was 9 years old so I could own my horse Sugar and show her. He is why Hoofbeats exists today: it is my childhood dream in progress....  I started with a dirt riding ring and 7 stalls. Now 40 stalls strong and with a huge indoor arena, the profit from boarding still goes back into making the facility better for the boarders. My dream is to continue to grow and provide the best facility for your horse in North Texas, whether you show, breed, or trail ride.  Make Hoofbeats your home too :)      

-Cheryl Joseph

Hoofbeats At Waterstone is a top horse boarding farm in McKinney Tx Horse Boarding on